Justin Bieber Dances With Babies To ‘Baby’ On ‘The Late Late Show’

Justin Bieber is dancing with babies, babies, babies, ohhhh!

Continuing his week of guesting on “The Late Late Show,” Bieber’s appearance Wednesday involved signing up for a grueling dance class under the strict tutelage of toddlers.

“These instructors, they don’t mess around,” “Late Late” host James Corden warned Bieber before the child-led class.

“It can’t be that bad, right?” said Biebs, clearly not ready for the barrage of hand-shaking and cartwheels that was coming his way.

If Bieber had watched the dancing bootcamps that Jenna Dewan or Jason Derulo previously had to endure on “Toddlerography,” perhaps he would’ve said, “What do you mean?” when asked to do the sketch with Corden.

As it is, it’s too late now to say sorry. 

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