Pilot Pete And Victoria Fuller Thrive Off Toxicity During ‘The Bachelor’ Hometowns

The hosts of “Here to Make Friends” just want to talk it out. Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller dove headfirst into their latest argument during this episode of “The Bachelor.”

If you’ve been disappointed with the pilot’s decision-making skills throughout the season, his actions this week won’t come as a shock. The drama involves country singer Hunter Hayes, a mystery ex-girlfriend from Peter’s past, and some scalding hot tea.

But before all that drama can ensue, Peter prepares to meet the families of his top four ladies — Victoria, Hannah Ann, Kelsey, and Madison — where he’ll have to convince each contestant’s father that he’s in love, or is falling in love, with their daughter. And, as in other seasons of the franchise, it seems that a father’s approval is of the utmost importance to the contestants.

There were enough tears to fill the wine glasses of “Bachelor” fans everywhere.

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