Sam Donaldson Defends Endorsing Michael Bloomberg For President

The famed journalist explained his endorsement Wednesday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.”

Donaldson told host Chris Cuomo that he’d signed on “as an unpaid volunteer” to work toward getting Bloomberg into the White House because he believes “this is the most important election since the Civil War and one on which the country’s future,” values and freedoms will be determined.

He acknowledged some of his former colleagues likely thought he should maintain the “credibility” and objectivity he displayed during his 52 years as a reporter in Washington.

I’m not there anymore. I’m me. I’m a private citizen and I’m going to work hard for Michael Bloomberg because I think he’s best-suited to beat Donald Trump and would make a very good president.

Donaldson’s comments came as Bloomberg made his Democratic debate debut in Las Vegas, which didn’t go entirely to plan as his rivals roasted him over his racist policing strategies as mayor and accused him of attempting to buy the presidency. 

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